Dr. Járányi Zsuzsanna PhD

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The diagnosis and treatment of vein malformations vein development disorders At our psychiatry private practice we specialise in family therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and stress management.

In the framework of the Williams Life Skills Programme we teach you how to reduce inner tension, preserve you mental and physical health and how to make your communication more effective.

MD visszérből

In our education centre we organise world class further trainings for Hungarian and international colleagues. We also educate ourselves continuously so that our patients can obtain the highest professional standards both at our practices and during the operations.

Dr Attila Szabó is an internationally renowned vascular surgeon and varicose vein specialist.

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He has a wide range of foreign publications, extended international connections and he is frequently invited to hold lectures and practical presentations abroad. He has several decades of experience in vascular surgery with more than operations and treatments.

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Dr Attila Szabó is both the owner and the professional leader. His person is MD visszérből guarantee for the high level treatment of patients and for the maximum attention.

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We work with unique and delicate surgical devices and methods: laser and radiofrequency treatment, ClariVeinmechano-chemical varicose vein surgery, Sapheon varicose vein surgery with gluing. Personalised treatments.


In our health centre all varicose vein therapy methods are available so you are guaranteed to receive the best treatment. The doctor and the patient jointly decide on the chosen treatment or operation.

We keep pace with time and are the first to apply the most advanced technologies in Hungary.

The patients leave on foot immediately after the surgical procedure. Depending on their scope of work, they are able to work days after the operation, do MD visszérből need to take sick leave and are not away from work for a longer period of time. The operated limb may soon be loaded.

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We provide a complex service. All required examinations are available on-site, you do not need to go anywhere else: medical MD visszérből, treatments, operations, ultrasound examination, ECG. We welcome our patients in our new, exclusive and elegant health centre in comfortable and discreet surroundings with aesthetic and quality design.

Short appointment scheduling, arriving for a pre-arranged appointment, brief waiting period. Our health centre is located on the street-level, our patients do not have to climb stairs, even our physically disabled patients can easily approach it. We work with modern, aesthetic and efficient compression devices, stockings and modern bandages.

Kezdőlap - Dr. Járányi Zszuzsanna érsebész - Multi-Med X. Kft.

High value for money. Each patient receives maximum service level both in professionalism, environment and treatment for the price of the service.

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Psychiatry practice is also available in our health centre. Dr Olga Szegvári psychiatrist provides couple and family therapy, stress management, and, for patients struggling with anxiety disorders, depression, panic disease MD visszérből phobias, psychotherapy.

Extensive education and patient information. You receive responses to all your questions, no questions remain unanswered.

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